Tractor Winterproof check, are your thoughts already by checking your (mini) tractor if it is winterproof?Now is the time to check this for keeping good health for your tractor.

Perhaps you need new or used tractorparts and when you check your tractor now you have enough time to order these parts in our 24/7 shop.

For regular maintenance you need sometimes tractor spareparts which you can order with us. To keep your tractor safe and clean we advise you to check your tractor in wintertime. In our webshop at TracPartz you can choose thousands of new and used tractorparts.

Check our webshop for more info en replace your broken parts in time to be prepared for springtime.

Tractor wintercheck our 10 tips;

  1. Study your owner's manual for extra information
  2. Obtain tools for safe repairs
  3. Check fluids regularly, oil, water and hydraulic
  4. Check tire inflation
  5. Keep an eye on belts and hoses before wear and tear hits you!
  6. Keep the brake linkages lubricated, and make sure the brakes are adjusted equally
  7. Watch the gauges
  8. Check the filters regularly
  9. Check the radiator screen
  10. Lubricate your tractor